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Our Pediatric offices are dynamic and culturally sensitive clinics that strive to fill the space that the fast pace of today’s technology driven society has created. Our central theme is family-focused pediatrics. This is a concept that endeavors to make accommodations for families to be able to get the most optimal care with the least stress. We continually focus on process improvement and introduce enhancement of the clinical experience with the leveraging of available technologies.

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Our Services Include:

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Omega Pediatrics Acute Pediatric Care

Acute Pediatric Care

Acute illness can happen at any time in a child’s life: at school lunchtime, on the bus home or even at 7 pm while riding her bike. At Omega Pediatrics we are available up to 9 pm on most days to help everyone get a good night’s rest and have less to sleep on.

Omega Pediatrics Preventive Pediatric Care

Preventive Pediatric Care

Our providers ensure that our patients get the best and most up-to-date preventive care from experienced pediatricians including weight monitoring, immunizations, developmental assessment, and screening. All our interventions are evidence-based.

Omega Pediatrics Obesity Treatment

Obesity Treatment

Our providers are board certified in both Pediatrics and in Obesity Medicine and are a top choice to help children get back to health weights. Our pediatric weight management plans are very effective and sustainable.

Omega Pediatrics Lactation Services

Lactation Services

We provide breastfeeding support and success services to expecting families and newborn infants. This period is usually the most stressful for families and the health questions and sometimes problems in this period make it important for us to be accessible and sensitive to the needs of the family. We ensure a smooth transition of mothers from expecting to taking acre of their baby.